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1v1 all-action, high-tech, high-tempo

target game




Product Details

Competitive Challenge

An interactive target game that’s perfect for 1v1 duels that will test your stamina, timing and accuracy. Score points for every goal scored as you aim to top the leaderboard.

High Tech and Unique

Brightly lit targets which flash and make exciting sounds when hit, add a new dimension of fun for all players. AeroStrike brings cage ball or shooting galleries to life.

Easy to Use

One-touch start button launches the 2-minute game. No supervision required, scoreboard tracks goals scored and winning player.

Easy to Retrofit

AeroStrike can be easily fitted into an existing cage ball arena or basketball lane. Makes an exciting free-standing attraction for any park.


The targets are robust, bulletproof and backed up by a

12-month full service warranty.

The AeroStrike Program

Targets will be illuminated. When a target is hit, it flashes, gives a ‘goal scored’ sound (a unique sound for each team), and the ‘hit’ is registered on the scoreboard.

1-point is scored for every target hit. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. 

2-minute game. Use the large red button to launch the game.