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"As soon as the Pro-X arrived, our prospects and memberships took off!"



Gym Manager, AF King's Lynn


Innovation for a new generation.

Discover the CardioWall Pro-X Club Anytime

Challenge your Members

Robust, advanced engineering combined with innovative game programming, the Pro-X brings out the competitive drive in every gym goer.


For Anytime Fitness UK

As a newly-appointed Preferred Vendor to Anytime Fitness, we have created a unique version of our brand new CardioWall Pro-X that will make your club stand out from the crowd.

Accessible, Versatile

The CardioWall Pro-X Club is a CV machine, reaction trainer, marketing tool and crowd pleaser, all rolled into one.


“Buying the Pro-X was the best decision we could have made…”


Q&A with General Manager,

Joe Racey at Anytime Fitness King's Lynn



Pre-launch sales are a critical part of any new gym franchise start up. Creating an environment that will maximise sign ups and get your new branch up and running immediately and profitably can be a minefield.

CardioWall Pro-X Club Anytime

Product Highlights

The Pro-X Club is a highly robust functional fitness tool that is specifically designed to add a genuinely compelling new dimension to your gym.
Excite. Challenge. Measure.

Users hit the 14 bullet-proof light pads using weights, gloves, or hands, combining serious workout with high-intensity game play in a way that no other equipment can offer. 

Visually Striking & Compelling.

The imposing presence of the Pro-X Club draws users in and the compelling built-in game programs and global leaderboard ensure they keep coming back for more.  Also ideal for intra-club competitions and social events, and for member engagement via social media.



Designed and made in Britain, with superb quality materials and finish, the Pro-X Club will be the centrepiece of any gym or high performance centre.


Elite Activity Redefined.

Push every user to their limit, or work on a specific element.  For individual use, 1-on-1 direct competition or as part of a group circuit, it will engage your members with or without a PT to encourage them.


Use it for HIIT, reaction and cognitive training as well as balance, speed and stamina - and track it all on the 15” touchscreen. Perfect for any user to see clear improvements and track performance.




CardioWall Pro-X Club Anytime

Return On Investment


Return On Investment

For an Anytime club charging £40 per month, the Pro-X only needs to help secure 16 new members for three years to break even on the purchase.


Member Retention

The CardioWall is proven to help attract and retain new members, and therefore should be seen not just as an investment, but as a marketing tool. Exercise on the Pro-X Club is fun, fast and intense.

Space Efficient

A full workout can be completed in under 10 minutes. Taking up the floor space of one treadmill but with the throughput of four, the Pro-X offers oustanding ROI. 



“A lot of people like to get involved, it creates its own

little community”

“What gym can offer something like this? This is where you will get your members in. It’s different, it’s cutting edge and it’s got that competition element”



Club Manager, Anytime Hemel Heampstead


Franchisee FAQs

with Technical Director Simon Heap

Some franchisees may be nervous about putting such an unusual piece of equipment in their site. Can you tell us why they should do so?

The CardioWall Pro-X will help franchisees attract more new members, it will make the club stand out from its competitors, and it will enable a dynamic, positive engagement with members that will make both marketing and customer retention easier too. Because it’s both a game and a serious piece of exercise equipment at the same time, it gives club members the chance to have fun while they’re exercising. That’s very powerful.

What exactly is the Pro-X Club and what does it do?

The Pro-X is essentially a speed and reaction trainer, and you can use your hands, weights, boxing gloves or other accessories to score points. In playing the game, you take exercise, and the fact that you get a score motivates you to work harder. Some people are naturally competitive, but everyone wants to see improvement, and the Pro-X enables that.

What type of workout is it best for?

One of the most compelling benefits of the CardioWall is its versatility. It’s ideal for a warm-up, reaction and peripheral vision training or stamina work, but – depending upon the game program you choose and the accessory you use like, say hand weights, or a BOSU, you can work on core stability, hand-eye coordination, balance or do a High Intensity session. And using the 15-inch touchscreen we even have coaching programs to guide you.

Is it just for individual exercisers?

Definitely not! Individuals will be very happy with it, but there’s also a 2-player ‘duel’ setting which is insanely competitive. We find many gyms also use their CardioWalls as part of circuit classes, and the PT’s love them too, as performance is tracked by the software so you can see progression, and analyse strengths and weaknesses.

How can the Pro-X assist clubs in attracting new members?

First, it’s a pretty cool and great looking bit of kit and demonstrates to members that their club invests in top-end equipment. Second, it’s different to anything else there and users are frequently surprised at how actively enjoyable a Pro-X workout is. Third, it’s ideal for touring prospective new members. It’s the first piece of kit to demonstrate – that person is unlikely to have seen one before, and once they’ve had a go on it, they’ll feel that coming to Anytime could be fun as well as beneficial physically.

How long does a workout last and how many calories can you burn?

One of the beauties of the Pro-X is that it can be very quick to use. ‘HIIT’ (High Intensity Interval Training) is all about short sharp efforts, and with our 1kg or 2kg soft hand-weights you can do exactly that. For example, our guided workouts, with breaks in between exercises, might take between 8 and 16 minutes. So typically, we find members who want a fast or high intensity workout just love the CardioWall. And as for calorie burn, studies have shown that high intensity workouts can burn upwards of 12 to 22 calories per minute. So 10-15 minutes ‘hard’ on the CardioWall is similar to about 40 minutes of normal running on a treadmill. So one Pro-X will offer the same amount – in exercise terms – as roughly four treadmills. And it costs a lot less, takes up less space and is a whole lot better looking!

Do you have to be fit or strong to use it?

Not at all. Again, this is a big benefit – literally anyone can use it, and get a lot out of it. We have put them into elite sport, disabled schools, hospitals, you name it. You don’t have to be fit, or strong, or even able-bodied. Stroke recovery patients, people with autism, GP referrals – all are target sectors for you with this equipment.

Apparently, there are ‘social’ benefits too?

Very much so – it’s one of the big differentiators. The CardioWall is fun, it’s addictive, and you find people love to compete, egg each other on – there’s always good banter around the CardioWall. It’s a great ice-breaker, and perfect for gyms that want to build a more active sense of community and belonging. Put up a Top Gear-style leaderboard, invite people in for an evening competition for fun prizes – all these things build a sense of team spirit and engagement. In that sense, it fits perfectly with the Anytime ethos.

Where does it belong - in a functional area, the studio, or S&C even?

Well it would be good in a studio, but we think it belongs best in a functional fitness area, or alongside the other cardio gear. It’s definitely not a gimmick – it’s a serious piece of kit and should be used by everyone, so needs to be where everyone can use it comfortably. I’d say put it front and centre, where it’s seen and used by everyone.

What advice do you give to a Franchisee considering buying a CardioWall Pro-X?

One – put it somewhere prominent. Two – include it when touring new members, and include it in your inductions. It’s simple to use but as with any new equipment you need to break down the natural inhibitions some members might have. Three – milk it for all its marketing and social value. Run competitions, have the Top Gear leaderboard, post scores on social media, get PT’s having a laugh with their clients on it – all will help you build a club with a uniquely positive, friendly atmosphere that other competitors can’t match. And four – use it to attract new user groups, such as seniors, GP referrals etc.

How cost effective is it?

Bear in mind that this is not a straight alternative to a treadmill, a rower, or a cross trainer. This not only gives a wider range of interesting fitness workouts than any other piece of kit in the gym, but it’s also the only one that stimulates the brain, the only one that is genuinely fun, and the only one that a club is likely to use to run a group challenge or a fundraising evening.

What do you say to franchisees who might be concerned that either it’s too expensive, they don’t have space for it, or that it might be a ‘gimmick’ that members will quickly lose interest in?

Good questions. Well, on the cost point, there’s no doubt that the Pro-X will help a club attract new members and retain them for longer. If you’re a club that charges £40 per month, then you only need the Pro-X to help you secure just 16 new members for three years for it to break even. In fact, if it helps you attract 48 new members, it will have paid for itself within a year! Space – well as I said, it takes up the same space as a treadmill, but gives you the exercise value of many more than that. So, if space is limited, the Pro-X is perfect. And we have a wall-mounted version if there’s nowhere else to put it. And as for a gimmick, that’s not the experience we’ve had with CardioWalls. Elite trainers at the highest level use them and they wouldn’t if they thought it was gimmicky! Pro-X’s are well used in pro soccer (Manchester City Academy), motor racing (iZone Driver Performance and Porsche Human Performance) and in high-end clubs such as Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, where legends like Novak Djokovic and Zlatan Ibrahimovic train on it. So, if your team is shown how to use it, there is endless variation that can be built into workouts so that members don’t get bored. We are constantly developing, so new game programs and user benefits will be coming out all the time.

How does a franchisee buy one?!

Dead simple – speak to Control Group. Control Group will handle the order, the installation, the ongoing monitoring and support, so the ownership effort is almost zero, and they will just add it to their service invoice in the financing package alongside the entry systems, CCTV, phones etc. Just ask them and they will sort it all out. For more information, please call Control Group on: +44 (0) 3331 014410 Or visit:

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