Case Study

Bridge Park

Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre

"A versatile piece of equipment that addresses the needs of our diverse residents and participants."


Bridge Park is a community leisure centre, owned and managed by the local authority of Brent Council. For over twenty years, it has been providing services to promote an active lifestyle within the community and responding to its demands. A recent analysis of residents and participants showed that people with disability were under-represented. In response to this, Bridge Park started running regular multi-sport sessions, which attract 15-20 participants at a time. They have now purchased a pair of CardioWall Compacts to add a physical and mental challenge to the sessions.


CardioWall Compact Duo Bridge Park
CardioWall Compact Duo Bridge Park
CardioWall Compact Duo Bridge Park


Why the CardioWall?


Earlier this year, the management team at Bridge Park saw the CardioWall in action at an exhibition and immediately recognised its versatility and potential benefit to the centre. They sensed it would be a very popular piece of equipment amongst all ages and abilities, but it was its potential to play a key role in the multi-sports session that confirmed the decision to purchase two CardioWalls Compacts. The team at the centre had already done a fantastic job of attracting people to the session, but felt that it needed something ‘new.’


Many of the participants in the multi-sports sessions have learning disabilities, often getting easily bored and needing greater interaction and stimulation. The CardioWall responds to these needs, demanding hand-eye coordination, attention and physical activity. The programmes are easy to understand and play, whilst the scoring system provides the motivation to improve and creates a great feeling of camaraderie and competitiveness amongst the group.


“Our participants at the centre require our support and prompting to engage in sports and physical activities. The CardioWalls are ideal because they are interactive, and the fact that they are static works particularly well for some of them as they do not have to run around to get a really good workout,” says Anna-Maria Thorpe, Community Support Worker at Brent Council.


CardioWall Compact Duo Bridge Park
CardioWall Compact Duo Bridge Park
CardioWall Compact Duo Bridge Park


Impact of the CardioWall at Bridge Park


The CardioWalls have proved hugely popular since they were installed at the beginning of July, particularly amongst the less active participants.


“The introduction of the CardioWalls at Bridge Park demonstrates our commitment to provide our members with the most up-to-date equipment. Whilst they are mainly used in the multi-sports sessions at present, we are now looking to use them as part of our children’s activities and as part of our GP Referral scheme. They have proved to be such a popular alternative to other forms of exercise,” comments Catherine Fourcampre, Area Manager.


"The CardioWalls are ideal because they are interactive and the fact that they are static works particularly well for some of them as they do not have to run around to get a really good workout."



Community Support Worker at Brent Council

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