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CardioWall FreeStyle Duo

Dual reaction walls that will add a new dimension to your trampoline park.


CardioWall FreeStyle Duo

Product Details


Competitive & Motivational

The CardioWall FreeStyle Duo tests reaction speed, visual alertness, hand-eye coordination and jumping accuracy. Players score points with every correct hit, competing individually, or directly against another player to build a huge score (and bragging rights)!


Eye-catching & Unique

With fully customisable graphics, the FreeStyle Duo is guaranteed to create a buzz and make your trampoline centre stand out.


Competitive Challenge

The game play challenge of beating your own score or getting to the top of a leaderboard ensures more excited customers, encourages positive interaction with staff, and stimulates repeat visits to the centre.


Make It Social

Players love to see their successes on social media – perfect for reposting and re-tweeting.


Each CardioWall FreeStyle is designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. Bullet-proof and easy swap-out LED pods and indestructible body-shell. Extended warranty options available.

Multiplayer Launch Unit (MPL)

Our Multi-player Launch console enables players or park marshals to choose a 2-player duel with a simple one-touch operation.


Synchronise the start of either program for a head-to-head battle between two players. The victorious player is rewarded with an attention grabbing display for maximum player excitement.



Engaging, competitive and fun!

Each CardioWal FreeStyle Wall has:

  • 2 interactive game options: Speed and Reaction*

  • Fully customisable graphics panels

  • Multi-player mode when paired with second CardioWall FreeStyle

  • Dual scoreboard / timer display

  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands

  • 5 multi-colour bulletproof LED pods 

  • Tough moulded body

  • Size: 1185 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 1185 mm (H)

  • Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A

*subject to continuous improvement


Graphic Designs

Endorse your brand, company, team or environment.


Request your own bespoke CardioWall graphic design which boasts your own logos, branding and/or organisational style. Or choose from a range of standard designs for no additional cost.


If you are interested in having a bespoke graphic design, please get in touch.


To view more designs, visit our Flickr page.




General Fitness

Inclusive stamina, speed, mobility, balance, strength and peripheral vision.

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Cognitive Challenge

Motivates the mind as well as the body through a range of unique programs; improving mental alertness.

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Easy to Use

One touch 'QuickStart' programs for fast play.

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Customisable Graphics

The huge graphic area can be personalised to endorse your brand, company, team or environment.

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Space Efficient

Takes up very little floor space: less than 100mm in depth when mounted to a wall!

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Competitive Spirit

Challenge yourself or others to beat your top score. Motivates you to try harder, pushing yourself that little bit further.

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