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CardioWall Pro-X Elite

Pro-X Elite

A robust, versatile tool for honing elite athletes' physical and mental skills.


Anthony Joshua


CardioWall Pro-X Elite

Product Details


Bigger. Faster. Better.

The Pro-X Elite takes the CardioWall design to a higher level. Custom made with superb quality materials and finish, the Pro-X Elite will be the centrepiece of any high performance centre.


Use for HIIT, reaction and cognitive training as well as balance, speed and stamina. Track it all on the 23” touch-screen. Perfect for athletes and coaches to visualise improvements and target problem areas. 


Visually Striking

The eye-catching presence of the Pro-X draws users in. Compelling built-in game programs and leaderboards ensure they keep returning for more.


Elite Activity Redefined

Push every athlete to their limit - utilise the FitMakr Pro software to measure, track and analyse performance - maintain 100% focus and performance.

Social Stimulus

Ideal for social events, intraclub competitions and member engagement via social media.