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Rugged Interactive's

Competition Pack




We want to help you make the most of your interactive attractions!


We've created a Competition Pack full of advice, ready-to-use material and tips for making your park experience, unforgettable. 


The key is to set your guests a challenge, motivate them to have a go, and then reward them when they achieve their goal. Running in-park competitions leads to more memorable experiences that your guests are likely to shout about online to their friends. Plus, they'll want to return again to beat their scores or times. 


We offer our Competition Pack in two versions. 


1. Full Works - Competition Pack with Leaderboard and large printed foamex Hero Scale 

Price: £240 + VAT



  • Printed and digital competition pack, including links to

all relevant material, including posters, certificates and

the Hero Scale

  • A 1.2m high leaderboard for you to put up when

running competitions (easy clean and space for 40

competitor's scores)

  • An A2 Hero Scale printed on foamex

2. Go Digital - Online version of Competition Pack with Dropbox download links 

Price: Free


You can download a digital version of our competition pack

below, which includes Dropbox links to all relevant

material, including posters, certificates and the Hero Scale. 


If you'd like to find out more about our Competition Pack and how it can help create a buzz in your park, please get in touch with the team on 


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