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Elite Sport

Satisfy the competitive spirit and give the coaching staff plenty of stats to play with. Hone fitness, coordination and core stability.


Stay at the top of your game.

Data downloads, sports-specific routines and performance insights.



A versatile fitness tool.

The basis for serious sports training routines or physical rehabilitation.



Ideal for elites, kids and wheelchair users - a versatile, yet easy to use training aid.

Pro-X Elite


Elite activity redefined - taking CardioWall to the max, pushing every athlete to their limit.


"The CardioWall Pro-X is a great addition to our gym as it offers so much flexibility and versatility to the training programs. The competitive element adds an extra dimension which motivates and pushes the driver further.”



Gym Manager, iZone Driver Performance, Silverstone

Elite Sport
Motivation tailored to you...


Interactive exercise tools that physically and mentally stimulate athletes. Developed to bring that competitive edge to training, our products are a great way of motivating athletes to be the best they can be. The CardioWall and CardioWall Pro-X can be used for a number of training techniques, from high intensity interval training to cardiovascular endurance, plyometric training to circuit training. Routines can be easily customised and tailored towards specific high performance sports and individual positions within each sport.


We are committed to helping athletes reach their full potential through high performance training. By adapting training programmes using the CardioWall, CardioWall Pro-X and CardioFloor, athletes can develop speed and agility, muscular strength and power, hand-eye coordination and reaction times. Depending on the focus sport, specific drills to improve peripheral vision and spatial awareness can also be achieved. Our products can be used to warm-up athletes both physically and mentally so that they can perform at their best from the word “Go”.


Our Distributors

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Mark Webber on Pro-X at Get Race Fit
Pro-X at Get Race Fit
Pro-X at Get Race Fit
Pro-X at Get Race Fit

Individual athlete profiling can be easily monitored through the use of FitMakr Pro software. Our performance tracker displays each athletes score, timings and strike profile, revealing any left / right and high / low hit bias, enabling coaches and athletes to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. It is a great addition to training, helping to motivate and stimulate athletes where every second, missed-hit and top score matters. Rugged Interactive products give you the skills, stamina and fitness to compete with the very best. We know that every detail matters!


CardioWall Landscape at Notts County
CardioWall Landscape at Notts County
Notts County Academy Players

Improvements in:


  • Agility

  • Ball control

  • Balance and proprioception

  • Cardiovascular endurance

  • Core strength and balance

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Mental quickness

  • Muscular strength and power

  • Muscular endurance

  • Peripheral vision

  • Reaction time

  • Speed and quickness




Elite Sport

Case Studies


David Moult at Custom Fit

Q&A with David Moult, Fitness Professional at Custom Fit, Solihull.

How CardioWall has become a core feature in a bespoke functional fitness gym.

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iZone Racing Driver Training Centre

CardioWall Pro-X helps hone racing driver skills at iZone, Silverstone.

Kevin Hoyes, iZone Gym Manager, has been putting drivers through their paces using the CardioWall Pro-X Elite.

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Notts County Elite Sport Research

CardioWall helps identify the stars of the future at Notts County FC

Analysing the effects of psychological factors, reaction times and body language in academy football players.

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