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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty and service do you offer on a CardioWall?

The CardioWall comes with a full onsite parts-and-labour warranty, with 48-hour weekday response time to UK Mainland sites. This covers the LED pods and customisable graphics panel (RGP) (12-month warranty), main PC hub and power supply (1 year) and cabling and the main body moulding (3 years). Any LED pods that need replacing will be supplied by us and fitted by you.

How robust is the CardioWall and what can I hit it with?

The LED pods are designed to be hit hard with soft weights. We recommend using weights up to 3kg. For heavier weights or medicine balls we advise ‘pressing’ rather than ‘hitting.’ Any accessory made of soft material can be used to hit the lights – including boxing gloves, balls, ViPR, rubber-coated medicine balls, etc. Shoes and hard-covered items are not recommended.

Is there a service charge? Do I have to pay for an upgrade to new software or games?

There is an option to enhance and extend the warranty for each product. Currently, software updates should be manually uploaded by an engineer. Contact us for more details.

How much space do I need to install a CardioWall?

We would suggest you have at least 100 mm of clear wall space around it. If you are going for two walls side-by-side, we suggest leaving a gap of at least 1500 mm and up to 3000 mm.

How do I know if my site is suitable for a CardioWall?

The CardioWall must be fixed to a solid wall (block or brickwork) wall, so a Site Survey should be done before you place your order. You can do this yourself or our installation engineer can do it for you.

What about delivery and installation?

Your CardioWall will be delivered by pallet, size 1200 mm x 1200 mm. This will need to be stored, without unpacking it, in a dry safe place until our installation engineer comes to unpack and install the Wall. Installation is done by a trained engineer. We offer this service at cost, which for most locations in the UK is £450-600. The installation engineer will check it is all working perfectly and give you a basic briefing on how to use it.

What other training is available?

Formal REPs-accredited training developed by our main distributor, D2F Fitness, is available to all customers. This is a 4-5 hour course designed for professional PT’s, who will receive 4 REPs points on successful completion of the course. We also have a few basic training videos available at no charge.

Can the flashing lights trigger epileptic episodes?

The frequency of the flashing of the lights on the CardioWall is specifically set NOT to trigger epileptic episodes. However, we also have a version of the CardioWall designed specifically for the disability market, on which the flashing has been replaced by a slow ‘fade up and down’. Please call us for more details about this.

Why is an Ethernet (CAT5) cable required to connect to the network for some products (e.g. CardioWall Pro-X, CardioWall Pro-X Club, FitMakr Software)?

The main reason for the Ethernet connection is for updates and assessment of potential issues. Additionally, data is uploaded to our servers so users will be able to access their data online in due course and track performance (coming soon). We do not require any disc space or Wi-Fi but if the CardioWall is on a shared network, we do need white hat status through to the internet to allow upgrades, etc. to work.

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