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Innovative new products relevant to Health Clubs, Gyms, Personal Trainers and the Managing Directors.


Engage and captivate gym users.

Easy to use and fun. Work harder because you're challenged.



A versatile fitness tool.

The basis for serious sports training routines or physical rehabilitation.



Ideal for elites, kids and wheelchair users - a versatile, yet easy to use training aid.

Pro-X Club


Ideal for elites, kids and wheelchair users - a versatile, yet easy to use training aid.

Pro-X Elite


Elite activity redefined - taking CardioWall to the max, pushing every athlete to their limit.


"Playing Chaser on the CardioWall regularly has actually improved my effectiveness as a surgeon. I have seen a clear improvement in my accuracy with my left hand and my ability to use it in the periphery of my vision, during surgery."



Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Health & Fitness
Motivation tailored to you...

Rugged Interactive fitness equipment aids and improves workouts. Whether you are exercising alone, in groups or with a personal trainer, our products can act as a great motivator, allowing you to train harder for longer. The CardioWall can be used for cardiovascular training, strength and resistance training or high intensity interval training. Depending on what the aim is of your workout, with accessories such as D-balls and BOSU balance boards there are endless possibilities to exercise and expend energy.

Installed in a number of private gyms, community gyms, hotels and leisure centres, the CardioWall is suitable for a range of users of varying abilities and fitness levels. Exercise programmes using the CardioWall can be tailored towards each individual with intensity and duration of exercise easily altered depending on fitness level and time constraints. Our products can be used as a complete workout or as an addition to a workout to help you reach the recommended 150-minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a week. Our products are a great way to engage users to stay active and make the most of their leisure time. Furiously fun fitness!



Areas of improvement:


  • Anaerobic fitness

  • Balance

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Coordination

  • Muscular strength

  • Muscular power

  • Reaction time

  • Speed and agility


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