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Rugged Interactive


A trampolining height challenge to test bounce control and hand speed.



Product Details


High-9 consists of 9 pods, embedded within 3 triangular mouldings. High-9 Duo (two High-9 units) includes a Multi-player Launch console (MPL), enabling operators to maximise their active play area. Players hit the lights to score points both as a single user or during 1-on-1 duels and can be started straight from the pods or using the MPL.

Compelling & Motivational

High-9 is a true vertical challenge using multifaceted mouldings to engage on three levels. Players score points with every correct hit, competing individually, or directly against another player (High-9 Duo) to build a huge score.


Eye Catching & Unique

High-9 is a stand-out feature, guaranteed to create a buzz. Match the moulding colours to your park design, pick the formation and let the battle commence.

Competitive Challenge

A vertical challenge game where players fight for height! Whether the aim is to beat your own score, or climb to the top of the leaderboard, High-9 excites players and keeps them coming back.

Make It Social

Players love to see their success and ‘sky-high scores’ on social media – perfect for reposting and re-tweeting.


High-9 is designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. Bullet-proof and easy swap-out LED pods and indestructible body-shell. Extended warranty options available.

The High-9 Program

The aim is to hit as many pods, as quickly as possible in 1 minute. This height challenge tests a player’s speed and reaction as pods transition through a cascade of colours. The faster you react, the more points you score. The perfect challenge for testing jumping accuracy, hand-eye coordination and a player’s head for heights.



Competitive, Fun, Fast!

  • Pairs with second High-9 unit to enable multi-player mode (High-9 Duo)

  • Built-in sound effects and voice commands

  • Multi-colour bulletproof LED pods

  • Dual scoreboard / timer display

  • Tough moulded body

  • 3 multi-faceted robust mouldings - choose from blue, green, orange and grey, or a combination of these colours

  • Size: 750 mm (L) x 200 mm (W) x 700 mm (H) (per High-9 moulding)
  • Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A