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The Anytime Fitness Launch

Story at King's Lynn

“Buying the Pro-X was the best decision we could have made…”

Q&A with General Manager, Joe Racey at Anytime Fitness King's Lynn


Pre-launch sales are a critical part of any new gym franchise start up. Creating an environment that will maximise sign ups and get your new branch up and running immediately and profitably can be a minefield.


We interviewed General Manager Joe Racey about the launch of the new Anytime Fitness franchise in King’s Lynn. Joe and the franchise owner decided to use a CardioWall Pro-X as the centrepiece of their pre-sales activity, and were delighted with the results. 

RI: Hi Joe, you must have had lots of decisions to make pre-launch! What made you choose the CardioWall Pro-X Club as the focus of your pre-sales campaign?

Joe: It’s quite simple really; the Pro-X is eye-catching and fun, and we were confident that it would help us attract potential members.

RI: How did it work out?

Joe: Outstandingly well. For pre-sales, we had three pieces of equipment for prospective members to trial; a spin bike, a treadmill and a Pro-X. But had we known the kind of reception the Pro-X was going to receive, we wouldn’t have bothered to bring the other two with us!


Because "as soon as the Pro-X arrived, our prospects and memberships took off"! It drew people in and was the star of the show; everyone wanted to have a go, and once they did, they couldn’t wait to sign up. It had a major impact on the success of the pre-sales, and I’d certainly say that the majority of the pre-sales sign-ups were drawn in by the CardioWall.


RI: How has the Pro-X made a difference to general sign ups?

Joe: It’s been an incredibly powerful tool for us as there’s nothing else like it on the market. The Pro-X is still helping us to sign up new members post launch.


I’ve taken a number of prospective members around the gym and when I demonstrate the Pro-X, they literally sign up on the spot!


RI: How has it helped put the King’s Lynn gym on the map?

Joe: It did more than just put us on the map, it was brilliant for social media. People went crazy for a video we posted of one of our trainers using the Pro-X on Facebook - it got more than 7,000 views!  That was comfortably the most successful out of all our Facebook posts.


This really helped us get the ball rolling before we opened.

RI: What kind of reaction has it had in the gym itself?

Joe: All our members love it. The Pro-X has proved to be one of our most popular pieces of equipment and some people now use it exclusively for their entire workout.


It’s literally used all day long; most members have now integrated it into their fitness regimes and all our PTs finish their sessions with it. A few of our members are even said they’re a bit ‘addicted’ to it! It definitely creates a buzz and helps staff build great relationships with members. 


In fact the Pro-X has fast become sort of ‘the face of fitness’ at King’s Lynn.  We’re now planning some Pro-X competitions to see who can top the leaderboard - so stay tuned for video clips of that online too!


RI: Why do you think the Pro-X stands out from other gym equipment?

Joe: It’s completely different as it engages your body and your mind. You get an intense burst of exertion.  It constantly challenges the user to beat their own score - and encourages healthy competition in the gym. Plus, of course, it’s genuinely fun.


RI: What would you say to other franchises that are thinking about purchasing a Pro-X for their gym?

Joe: We couldn’t recommend it more highly! Everyone has got spin bikes and treadmills, but none of our competitors in the area offer anything like this so it makes us stand out from the crowd.   And for pre-sales it’s a real people-magnet.

Plus it shows that we invest in the latest and greatest technologies for our members. I said it earlier but I’ll say it again, it’s the best decision we could have made, and the owner and I think it has already justified the investment.

“Buying the Pro-X was the best decision we could have made…”



General Manager at Anytime Fitness

Joe’s testimonial demonstrates how the Pro-X should play a pivotal role in any new Anytime club launch. 


  1. It will super-charge your pre-sales

  2. It converts prospects into members

  3. It’s a powerful marketing tool

  4. It makes your gym stand out from the crowd

  5. It will keep people coming back for more



Keep an eye out for further interviews with other franchise owners from around the country in the near future.  Or simply contact us to talk about putting a Pro-X in your gym.

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