Case Study

Notts County

Notts County Elite Sport Research

Analysing the effects of psychological factors, reaction times and body language in academy football players.


Top-level sport is characterised by the ability of athletes to utilise and optimise a range of psychological qualities to withstand the pressures that they experience (Sarkar et al 2014); This study analyses the psychological abilities of football players in a professional academy. The assessment criteria of players in the academy is: Speed, Personality, Intelligence and Technique (SPIT), which focuses on different aspects of the mind (speed of thought/personality/intelligence), and how they can affect technique.

The research found that there is a direct, close correlation between reaction speed on the CardioWall and reaction speed on the pitch.


Notts County are finding the CardioWall to be a very valuable tool for assessing the potential of young players. Read the research paper HERE.


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