Rugged Interactive



Exciting interactive target system for
multi-sport pitches.



Product Details

High Tech Stimulation

Brightly lit targets which flash and make exciting sounds when hit, add a new dimension of fun for all players.

Team Games & Tactics

Work as a team to hit your opponents’ light-up interactive targets and defend your own. Perfect for parties and group competitions.

Competitive Challenge

Create a buzz with a new game, competition or league. Challenge others to beat your team’s highest score.

Easy to Use

One-touch start button launches the 4-minute game. No minimum team size required. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Marketing Tool

Run competitions, leagues and post top scores. Perfect fuel for social media marketing.


The targets are robust, bulletproof and backed up by a

12-month full service warranty.

The PowrPlay Program

All targets will be illuminated white. When a target is hit, it flashes, gives a ‘goal scored’ sound (a unique sound for each team), and the ‘hit’ is registered on the scoreboard.

1-point is scored for every target hit for that particular team. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

4-minute game. Use the large red button to launch the game, or hold it down for 6 seconds to reset the game to zero.



Unique. Dramatic. Competitive.

  • Built-in sound effects

  • Bright and durable LED hit indicators

  • Huge scoreboard / timer /sound unit

  • Large bulletproof targets with matched colour branding

  • Simple set-up and installation

  • Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A



General Fitness

Test speed, agility, stamina, hand-eye coordination and balance

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Cognitive Challenge

Introduces defence as well as attack. Opportunity for teamwork and tactics

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Easy to Use

One-touch start button launches the 2-minute game

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Customisable Graphics

Customise targets and score-box to match the branding colours of your park

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Space Efficient

Suitable for new installations and retro-fits into existing courts

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Competitive Spirit

Challenge yourself and others to beat the other team - It's all about teamwork!

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