Reach Extenders are designed specifically for disabled users. Reach Extenders aid those with limited upper body movement to still use the CardioWall.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20% (where applicable).

Reach Extender

  • Ergonomic hand grip and open elbow cuff offers extra comfort. The lightweight construction makes them easy to use and the non-twisting cuff provided easy and comfortable use. The foam ball maximises easy of use for the disabled user. 68cm in length. Foam ball is 15cm in diameter.


    Actual colors may vary from those shown in the photos. 


    by Rugged Interactive

  • When ordered individually, items will normally be dispatched within 5 working days from order payment. When ordered with a CardioWall, normal lead-time is 4-5 weeks from order payment or 6-8 weeks when ordered with a Pro-X Elite or Club. Delivery fees are dependent upon location. 

    Delivery fees are dependent upon location.

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