A balance cushion is a truly unique balance, core stability and proprioception training device that can be integrated with all types of fitness training, or stand alone as an outstanding functional tool.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20% (where applicable).

ResultSport® Core Workout Air Dome

  • When fully inflated the dome is 26cm high and 60cm in diameter, with a maximum user weight of 125kg. Includes 1 x hand pump and 2 x toning tubes with handles - great for working the arm muscles.


    by ResultSport

  • When ordered individually, items will normally be dispatched within 5 working days from order payment. When ordered with a CardioWall, normal lead-time is 4-5 weeks from order payment or 6-8 weeks when ordered with a Pro-X Elite or Club. 

    Delivery fees are dependent upon location.

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