Bundle includes:

  • 16 interactive pods (upper/hand holds)
  • 50 pods with rubber grip (upper/hand holds)
  • 24 pods without rubber grip (lower/foot holds)


All prices are subject to VAT at 20% (where applicable).

TrailBlazer® GripKit

  • Normal lead-time is 4-5 weeks from order payment.


    It is recommended that the TrailBlazer Traverse pods are mounted onto a wall of a construction capable of supporting its weight and gameplay. Self-installation is possible where installation fees do not apply.


    Delivery and installation fees are dependent upon location and configuration. Please contact us for more details.

  • Power Supply: 13 A

    Max Power Consumption:  36 W

    Voltage:  110 - 230 V

    Frequency:  60 - 50 Hz

    Warranty:  1 year on electronics. 3 years on all other parts.

    Regulatory Requirements:  CE Approved.

    Operating Environment:  Indoors: keep dry and out of direct sunlight. Mount to a wall of a suitable construction. Optimum ambient temperature: 5°C to 30°C. Avoid extreme fluctuations of temperature.

    Other:  All parts designed for easy maintenance.

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