Rugged Interactive


Making rehabilitation from illness, operation or injury fun and diverse. Monitor progress and feed results straight back to the user.


Stimulation for Brain & Body.

Tailor exercises to rehabilitate specific muscle groups and improve flexibility.



A versatile fitness tool.

The basis for serious sports training routines or physical rehabilitation.



Ideal for elites, kids and wheelchair users - a versatile, yet easy to use training aid.

Pro-X Club


Ideal for elites, kids and wheelchair users - a versatile, yet easy to use training aid.

Pro-X Elite


Elite activity redefined. Pushes every user to their limit to help overcome injuries and build strength back up.


"iZone has made me feel much more confident. I really enjoyed the CardioWall as this is the only piece of equipment I have found that I can comfortably do cardio and feel a benefit. I really enjoyed all the visualization techniques and cannot wait to come back."



Injured Serviceman and KartForce Driver, iZone

Motivation tailored to you...

Rugged Interactive's exercise tools, such as the CardioWall, are there to motivate you through all stages of recovery. Our products are designed to give you a range of programs to choose from that can challenge you throughout rehabilitation, so that long-term aims of regaining pre-injury / pre-illness fitness can be attained. Using a range of programs available, players can gradually increase the intensity of exercise and begin to regain full function of the body and limbs.

CardioWall Portrait at the Marines
CardioWall Landscape at Notts County
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Whether the aim of recovery is increasing mobility, improving proprioception, restoring strength, power or endurance, through a combination of drills and exercises our products can provide a fun and rewarding way to exercise. Alongside recovery, prevention of further injury is just as important. Using the scoring system, goal-setting and tracking any improvements during recovery are simple to monitor. The CardioWall is a great addition to rehabilitation, motivating you to be more mobile!

Key Benefits:

  • Motivates rehabilitation exercise

  • Improves cognitive and physical performance

  • Accessible for most patients

  • Promotes social interaction

Areas of Improvement:

  • Cognition & vision

  • Mental focus

  • Core strength

  • Balance

  • Confidence

  • Flexibility

  • Muscular endurance & strength

  • Range of movement

Depending on the type and extent of injury, recovery can take anything from a few weeks to months for full recovery. We would strongly recommend that you check with your GP that you are fit to exercise before you use Rugged Interactive products.


Key points for rehabilitation:


  • ‘Listen to your body’ and do not push yourself too early.

  • Ensure you warm up before using the any exercise equipment such as the CardioWall or Pro-X.

  • Begin with gentle exercises which can help improve range of movement.

  • Start with simple routines before gradually increasing the intensity and frequency.

  • Do not return to pre-injury / pre-illness levels of exercise until you have fully recovered.

  • Cool down following exercise to prevent further injury.





Case Studies


David Moult at Custom Fit

Q&A with David Moult, Fitness Professional at Custom Fit, Solihull.

How CardioWall has become a core feature in a bespoke functional fitness gym.

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Plymouth YMCA

CardioWall Brings Plymouth YMCA’s Functional Fitness Studio to Life

The YMCA in Plymouth, UK has installed a pair of CardioWalls as the centrepiece of their new functional fitness studio.

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Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Oxford Centre for Young People in Pain

For the Children’s Rehabilitation Service based at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (NOC) part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the CardioWall® is a pivotal piece of equipment.

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