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The basis for serious sports training routines or physical rehabilitation.



Ideal for elites, kids and wheelchair users - a versatile, yet easy to use training aid.

Compact Duo


Ideal for schools and youth

gyms. An excellent stimulus for

team-based relay activities.

Traverse & HEX


An interactive climbing wall - ideal for trampoline parks and indoor adventure centres.


"The CardioWall it has been a fantastic addition to our PE curriculum and the children really love and enjoy using the wall. We have even developed an intra school CardioWall competition that we run in house teams."



Pennyman Academy, Tees Valley

Schools and Youth Activity
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Rugged Interactive's exercise tools, such as the CardioWall, add fun into physical activity! They help to develop multi-skills and coordination whilst improving the overall health and wellbeing of a child. Taking focus away from more traditional sports, the CardioWall provides a method of active play that motivates and stimulates a child to exercise.

Rugged Interactive's CardioWall is easily picked-up by children of all ages and enables cognitive, neural and physical development. The CardioWall can be incorporated into group activities to promote teamwork and competition whilst building social relationships between players. With use of the scoring system, progression can be easily monitored and it provides a fun and rewarding way for children to be active. The CardioWall can be a great addition to PE classes, providing an alternative and enjoyable activity that can contribute to the recommended 60-minutes of physical activity a day. Get kids excited about being active!

CardioWall Compact Duo at Blackwater
CardioWall Compact Duo at PlaySpace
CardioWall Portrait at Young Pioneer
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For children and young people aged 5-18 years, 60-minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity are recommended a day. However, the Health Survey for England found that only 21% of boys and 16% of girls actually reach these recommended levels. In contrast, the average time a child spends sitting (i.e. screen time, outside educational hours), is four hours a day, twice that than the suggested ‘sitting-time’ for children. At Rugged Interactive we believe the best way to get children active is by ensuring they enjoy what they do. Through turning physical activity into active play, motivating children to want to exercise is easy!

For children and young people, being habitually active promotes healthy growth and development, builds and enhances the development of bones, improves balance and coordination and maintains and develops flexibility. As part of the recommended 60-minutes of physical activity a day, inclusion of muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities should each be included three times per week. By incorporating jumping, weights and body-weight related aspects to programmes when using the CardioWall and/or TrailBlazer, children can benefit from a range of aspects of physical fitness.

Rugged Interactive already have products installed in schools, special educational needs schools, sport academies and YMCA’s. Whether the products are used as part of Physical Education lessons or after-school activities they can be a great way of bringing a group of children together to be physically active. Areas of improvement include:

  • Cognitive learning and development

  • Concentration and focus

  • Confidence

  • Coordination

  • Neural development

  • Social development

  • Team-work

Alongside physical and psychological benefits gained from being physically active, there is a growing body of evidence for the relationship between physical activity and academic performance, with greater physical activity levels being positively associated with academic attainment. When using the CardioWall, the tracking of physical and psychological developments is simple to determine through the scoring system. Furthermore, this adds an element of competition for children to better themselves or compete against one another – a fun and rewarding way to exercise.

There is substantial evidence for the relationship between the amount and intensity of physical activity undertaken and health benefits observed in both childhood and later-life. Therefore, ensuring children and young people are physically active is vital. We want to provide physical activity that is enjoyable, physically challenging and mentally stimulating – just ask the kids what they think!



Schools and Youth Activity

Case Studies


Fowey Primary School Study

"The CardioWall Compact Duo has added a new dimension to PE at Fowey Primary."

Highlights and teacher feedback from a study into how the CardioWall can promote physical activity in school and its impact on children’s behaviour, effort & concentration.

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Roche Community Primary School

Q&A with Jeremy Walden: Head Teacher of Roche Community Primary School.

The CardioWall Compact Duo fitted in exceptionally well at Roche - a school that likes to embrace new technology in its drive for constant improvement. 

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Simonside Outdoor Adventure

"Bringing the 21st century into the sport of rock climbing."

Martin Simpson, Head of Centre at Simonside Outdoor Adventure introduces their TrailBlazer Traverse climbing wall and explains how it has benefitted their users.

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Arbour Vale SEN School

"The CardioWall particularly lends itself to an ‘open play’ PE."

How CardioWall helps promote coordination, motivation and problem-solving for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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University of Exeter Research Paper

Executive Summary

A Energy Expenditure and Cardiovascular Responses of Children Using the CardioWall: An Executive Summary of a Technical Report by André Arik Schuber & Professor Craig Williams.

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