Dr. Scott Drawer 

Head of Sky Performance Hub

“Sport inspires me - it’s such a great vehicle to help people grow…”

Scott is the Head of TeamSky Performance Hub. He helped to deliver the team’s fourth Tour de France triumph in July 2016 having previously worked at the Rugby Football Union and prior to that as head of Innovation at UKSport.

RI: What motivates you to innovate in your industry?


Scott: Curiosity to understand how we can be better in everything we do everyday.


RI: What’s the innovation you’re most proud of?

Scott: There isn’t a particular innovation- its been more about a better

understanding of  the environment to enable innovation to happen. Innovation is not about technology – it is about the culture of an organisation that allows great ideas to be tested, explored and implemented to make a difference to people’s lives.

RI: What or who inspires you?


Scott: Sport inspires me - it’s such a great vehicle to help people grow regardless of the level you play or participate – whether to be the best in the world or for enjoyment.


RI: What industry change was the biggest to you in the last few years?


Scott: The whole domain of sensors, data, analytics has changed what we now understand about human performance.


RI: How did you overcome it?


Scott: We haven’t yet…


RI: What industry challenge would you most like to solve?


Scott: Understand the mind and the interaction with human behaviour.


RI: What’s the best piece of advice you could give to a fresh innovator starting out in your industry?


Scott: Listen, stay humble, work hard and get connected to as many people as you can to have a network you can call on when you need it.


RI: Do you have any particular routines that help you find inspiration?


Scott: Taking time away from operational activity to think, reflect and make sense of the experiences I am involved in - this usually means a 4 hour bike ride in the country and by the coast.

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RI: What does the future hold for your business? What products or innovations do you have in the pipeline?


Scott: In professional road cycling, technology plays a huge role in enabling our sport to happen. There are constraints and rules we adhere to when it comes to bicycle design which gradually evolve over time as the need arises but the increased emergence of data and measurement is changing the way we prepare and support riders.


Outside of professional sport, there is no doubt the growth of e-bikes will have a huge influence on our sport.


RI: What technologies do you think will shape the future of your industry?

Scott: Battery power for the bike industry in general – the future is in e-bikes to enable more people to enjoy the outdoors. In professional cycling, the gamification of the sport through data will shape its appeal commercially.


RI: What do you think will be the next big thing in your industry this year?   


Scott: This year is quite a short time! We have the biggest races kicking off in 3 months…. I cant see much changing for this season as in many cases it has already emerged, been tested and implemented. We will see evolutions in bike components, helmets etc – all with a focus on aerodynamics – this happens every year. There maybe a few other tricks that emerge but you’ll have to wait and see.

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