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Simon's Review of LIW 2015

27 Sep 2015

We arrived mob-handed at the NEC, unloaded the van and set up our new stand - a small matter of some 9 hrs effort! Then back to the hotel for pizza - massive, but just what the doctor ordered at 11.30pm.

This year we had twice the floor area which meant we could, for the first time, bring the TrailBlazer Traverse climbing wall with us as well as examples of almost all our products.

As with any installation everything took longer than expected but we were delighted when finally everything was screwed, taped and finished off and we could take in the whole assembly.

Each product could be properly demonstrated and even the presence of one of the NEC’s structural pillars let us show how CardioWalls could be wrapped around for a multi-station unit.

Our main launch was FitMakr Coach - a software driven User Interface - which allows the CardioWall to run various programs such as HIIT, Warm up and Stamina. Really showing off the versatility of the CardioWall.

Software has a particular place in my heart for failing with an unexpected bug at the last minute - but this time we had spent lots of time and effort bug squashing and this really seemed to have paid dividends - but more importantly the many visitors to the stand really seemed to enjoy it too.

As always we ran a competition on the CardioWall Pro-X with a prize each for men and women - a GoPro. Competition was fierce but eventually Chloe Green, a martial arts practitioner and Taran Campbell won through, both with great scores. Hope they love their cameras.

Our new ‘hardware’ product was a prototype version of our CardioFloor - used to gauge interest and to see how it stood up to a couple of days of traffic. Brilliantly it went rather well, and Lauren, Lucy and Ginny invented multiple games so I’m confident there’s a bright future there.

As for the show itself, it was the first time that the guys behind BodyPower had run LIW and I was intrigued to see how they did. From my perspective the show was definitely smaller, but perhaps better focused. Certainly we had a really good number of quality leads.

Finally - Wednesday arrived and packing up only took a couple of hours, then the long drive back to Cornwall and in bed by 1am exhausted. Now to follow up all those leads!

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