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Jake Penprase – Work Experience at Rugged Interactive

4 Dec 2015

I came to Rugged Interactive aiming to experience working within an office based sport business. It was so different to my practical sports job and I was also unsure which sports sector I would like to work in in the future.

The reason I chose Rugged Interactive for my work experience was because I am interested in how sports technology could be used within a training program to benefit sports performance. By being able to experience the Cardiowall Pro-X, I understood how it can be used and the benefits that it can have; not only for a sports performance but also for rehabilitation and people with disabilities. I found it interesting how many ways the CardioWall could be used with different equipment such as rugby balls.

This week, I was involved in testing the Cardiowall Pro-X; making comments on the features I liked and the features that could be developed. I also conducted some market research; this made me aware of how big the market for interactive sports technology is and how fast technology is becoming a huge part of sport.

I also designed and tested some training drills that could be used with the CardioWall Pro-X that are specific to my sport of rugby. I found this helpful to me as I have to develop training programs within my course at Truro College.

I found my time at Rugged Interactive very beneficial. It has helped me decide on my career choices.

It is a great company with an amazing and innovative range of products. It has been a pleasure working here for the week.


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