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Introducing The Pro-X Club

4 Jul 2016

What is the Pro-X Club and what does it do? 

The Pro-X Club is an interactive speed and reaction trainer that motivates gym users to take exercise.  You can use your hands, weights, boxing gloves or other accessories to hit lights and score points.  In playing the game, the fact that you get a score and can see improvement motivates you to work harder.   With its high visual impact, the Pro-X is a differentiator that is ideal for attracting new members, and it can enable a dynamic, positive engagement with members that makes both marketing and customer retention easier too.   

Not just for individual exercisers.

Individuals use the Pro-X, but there’s also a 2-player ‘duel’ setting which can be incredibly competitive.  The Pro-X can be utilised as part of a circuit class and by PT’s, whilst performance is tracked by the software, allowing you to see progression, and analyse strengths and weaknesses.   And it is fully accessible to anybody – young or old, fit or deconditioned, infirm or disabled.

What type of workout is it best for?

The key to the Pro-X is its versatility.  It’s ideal for a warm-up, reaction and peripheral vision training or stamina work, but, depending upon the game program you choose and the accessory you use (ie. handweights, sparring gloves, BOSU etc.) you can work on core stability, hand-eye coordination, balance or do a High Intensity session.  

Cost and ROI.

An Anytime-branded system, fully installed with a 2-year full support package, costs around £9,950, though a 25% discount is currently available for a small number of reference sites.  As workouts are quick and intense, and there is the 2-player option as well, the creators of the product, Rugged Interactive, estimate that it offers the exercise equivalent to 3-4 treadmills.

For a club charging £40 per month, the Pro-X only needs to help secure just 11 new members for three years for it to break even.  All aspects of the purchase, finance and support are delivered through Control Group.

For more information, please call Control Group on: +44 (0) 3331 014410
Or visit:




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