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The Man Engine

28 Jul 2016

If you’re in the UK, it’s possible you saw a small item on the TV news at the beginning of the week about ‘The Man Engine’. 

This is an artistic representation of Cornish mining expertise and skill - it’s said that if you look in any hole in the ground, anywhere in the world, you’ll find a Cornishman. 

Expertise learned through years of mining tin, copper, lead and silver in tough conditions, through slate, granite and often far out under the sea was transferred when raw materials were discovered in other countries. Needing to exploit the discovery, mine owners turned to the Cornish to bring the innovative techniques and machinery developed in the Duchy - and the Cornish imported their staple food - the Pasty. In Mexico you can still buy variations of the Traditional Pasty - usually a bit spicier, or with chocolate - called the Paste. Here’s a good article...


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Cornish invention goes beyond the ubiquitous foodstuff though, the improved steam engine designed by Richard Trevithick, used in both mining engines and the first locomotive powered train. The marine chronometer by John Arnold, the Safety Lamp by Sir Humphrey Davy and Michael Loam investor of the original Man Engine, which was a sort of early lift that transported miners up and down from the mine face to the surface. All true innovations (and there are many more...)

Maybe it’s the coastline, maybe it’s the isolation from the rest of the country - there is a rich seam of innovation running through Cornwall.

Now, it’s not for us to claim that Rugged Interactive has assumed that mantle, but we are doing our best to create new technology that improves the state of the art and if by doing so we can claim a bit of Cornish technical legacy - then why not!

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