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Why Names Are Important

5 Oct 2016

...and why a CardioWall is more than a reaction wall.

I’ve noticed a trend recently from our people, customers and users out there in the real world - CardioWalls are being called ‘Reaction Walls’.

Now, of course, on the face of it that’s no problem and reasonably accurate. But a CardioWall is much more than just a simple reaction trainer.

For one thing most of the programs on the CardioWall are for stamina or speed training - or for fitness assessment. There is a dedicated reaction program, but it’s not the default.

For a designer and manufacturer of anything the name is extremely important - think of the Jaguar E-Type, McVities Hobnob or the Apple iMac. And of course these days a name has more reach than just the product - through the internet it’s critically important that people use the right search terms, or at least you Search Engine Optimisation is ready for any alternative names.

So if we called our product the Rugged Interactive Reaction Wall, although it’s descriptive, it doesn’t convert the full functionality, and it’s too generic to work well on the web.

Finding a name is super hard though, we’d been through Wakk-Atak, BashBoard, ReaKtor and Target Wall before CardioWall - but now we’re onto FreeStyle Duo, Compact Duo, CardioWall Pro-X and TrailBlazer. 

So if someone calls a CardioWall a ‘Reaction Wall’ what do we do? Grit our teeth, smile serenely and remind them gently it’s called a CardioWall… then make sure our SEO is up to date.

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