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The Truth About Brand Videos

12 Dec 2016

We have just completed a Brand Film. We hope you like it. Here it is:

We also made a ‘making of’ video, behind the scenes so to speak - if you’ve watched the Main film, have another couple of minutes off and watch this:

The thing about these sort of videos is - you’re trying to get over the heart and soul of the company, what makes it special - and for us the fact that although we’re serious about fitness we’re not at all corporate. Trouble is, the sort of shorthand for these sort of short films has been boiled down to slow mo images of people crafting and obsessing over details. For instance:

(Remember... this is a pastiche)

So when we came to plan our short film we decided to concentrate on the people that use our equipment, with only a small focus on the factory and our technology (even though we’re super proud of it).

We worked hard with Simon our filmmaker (and Idenna our agency since you ask) to identify the cast and find some people that would represent our range of users. They were all brilliant and put in the time and effort necessary to make a success of the film. We’ve also got a ton of extra footage ready to make short films of each person.

Of course, the best time to make or do anything is when you’ve just finished, so we’re now perfectly placed to create the best brand film in the world…Ever! 

Even so, this version still encapsulates all that’s best about Rugged Interactive.

Please let us know what you think!

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