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Do Awards Matter?

20 Apr 2017

We have been nominated for 3 awards this year so far: Inclusive Product of the Year in the prestigious Sports Technology Awards (against Sky, the BBC, BT etc., etc.), Best Use of Design and Manufacturer of the Year in the Cornwall Business Awards.


But this made me think…

It’s often said by potential award nominees that they don’t really care whether they win or lose and what’s the point of awards anyway?

It’s also often said by the same nominees when they win that awards are a hugely important way of recognising and rewarding effort (and talent).

And there lies the dichotomy - especially for the English - to admit that you might have done something great and stand up and be applauded for it… goes against the grain! Better to be self-effacing.

And add that to the fact that many awards are nothing more than revenue drivers (lots of entries, high entry cost, even higher cost of a seat, let alone a whole table) and the level of cynicism is understandable.

But Awards do have some very positive benefits - bolstering company reputation, marketing collateral, building team confidence, professional peer recognition to mention a few.

It’s great to be judged as a success and even a nomination speaks volumes about how your brand is beginning to gain traction. A trophy or plaque is a visual reminder that you’re doing good work and others are noticing.

Already there is a buzz here at Rugged Towers about being nominated - let’s hope our work speaks for itself! We won’t be backward in coming forward if we win (but if we don’t, please keep it under your hat…)

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