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The Future of Exercise, with Mr Heaton-Adegbile

25 Apr 2017

You have to answer this question honestly. How often do you look forward to your workout? When we say ‘look forward to’, that doesn’t mean crying inside as you drive to the gym. Or contemplating cancelling your class a hundred times before eventually winning the battle. Or placing yourself strategically in-front of the clock at aerobiking so you don’t fall into the agony of counting down every... agonising... minute. Does ‘It’ll be worth it when it’s over’ sound familiar?

In the midst of a global obesity epidemic with huge implications for health and disease, exercise has never been more important. Imagine two teams with players who either: - love the experience of being active, the endorphin high and pounding heartbeat, and Team 2 whose negative feelings for exercise range from mild discomfort to extreme panic, both teams should take a minute to watch this...


A passionate advocate of Rugged Interactive, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon - Mr Philip Heaton-Adegbile - uses our CardioWall to help maintain a phenomenal level of fitness. With multiple gold medals from the World Medical Games and activist for a fitter population, it’s clear to see the results of hours of commitment to peak, physical performance. But listen to this.

Not only has our CardioWall honed Mr Heaton’s physical ability, his skills as a surgeon have also been enhanced.

"Playing Chaser on the CardioWall regularly has actually improved my effectiveness as a surgeon. I have seen a clear improvement in my accuracy with my left hand and my ability to use it in the periphery of my vision, during surgery."

Imagine a workout capable of improving anaerobic fitness, balance, cardiovascular fitness, coordination, muscular strength, reaction time, speed and agility. Exercise so effective, it can alter your brain and enhance mental aptitude. A workout which is competitive, robust, powerful and an embodiment of those three jolly letters; f-u-n.

It’s not a trick and this isn’t a fluffy, fabricated idea. Mr Heaton is able to isolate the physiological reasons why our CardioWall has improved his performance as an elite athlete, and remarkably, in his role as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. We can learn from his fascinating testimonial in how to embrace our ‘Team 2’ - our reluctant exercisers who are yet to connect with physical activity and a healthier lifestyle. A workout which improves your physical and mental fitness - in a fun and engaging way - is incredibly powerful. A passive, hour-long slog (sorry, jog) on a drizzly afternoon no longer seems very appealing. Going through the motions is guaranteed to be ineffective.


At Rugged Interactive, we’re using technology and high quality engineering to lead the conversation towards a new, exciting and active future. If exercise distracts you from the moment so you’re not relying on willpower alone for motivation, you’ll keep doing it. If you’re focusing on the fun and not the pain, your momentum instead of self-doubt and your score instead of stopping, you’ll be hacking your happy chemicals - a buzz you’ll want again, again, and again.

We’re using technology to deliver compelling workouts which are competitive, easy to use, high intensity, versatile, fun and capable of improving both physical and cognitive performance.

If you’re ready to embrace a new approach to fitness and achieve incredible results for mind and body...


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