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Why We Believe in Inclusive Exercise

14 Jul 2017

We’re striving to encourage exercise participation for men and women, in all age groups and from all backgrounds. It’s all about working towards body positivity and fitness, focusing on motivation, confidence and health rather than body comparisons. Exercise lifts your mood, builds self esteem, keeps your brain fit, sharpens your memory, boosts your confidence, prevents muscle loss, strengthens your heart, reduces stress and boosts mental health - and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Our most recent film introduces you to Marjons M&M’s Hockey Team, sponsored by Rugged Interactive. Comprising of eleven players, no two the same but all with a shared passion for exercise, teamwork and fun - they represent everything that’s great about sport. Inclusive and diverse, everyone is welcome regardless of ability, gender, background or age. Making sport the ‘norm’ relies on all of us to become active; celebrating exercise and using people power to encourage others to join in!

Boat builder, engineer, mum, policeman, teacher, student, accountant - whoever you are, don’t let anything hold you back and stop you enjoying the immense benefits of exercise. Move more, however you choose - from skateboarding to swimming, kayaking to jogging - you’re beating everyone sat on the sofa.

If you’re ready to embrace a new approach to fitness and enjoy the incredible results for mind and body, #BeMoreRugged. We deliver compelling, competitive, versatile and creative workouts, adapted to the individual and reflective of the differences in ambitions and abilities. 

Forget the stereotypes and ridiculous body standards - embrace positivity, good health, eating well and moving more. ‘Healthy’ comes in all shapes and sizes.

And you want a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body…


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