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Trampoline Parks

"Since we installed the CardioWall FreeStyle Duo's our customers keep telling us how much they love them!" Max Broadfield – Director at Trampolines Europe Limited _____ ​​"I tried out the new SkyPod track at Oxygen in Leeds - it is fantastic! And really hard work." Nick Booth – Managing Director at Continental Sports Ltd _____​​ "The TrailBlazer Traverse climbing wall has certainly had a profound impact on Simonside climbing wall’s attendance." Alex D'Ambrosie – Service Manager, Simonside Outdoor Adventure _____​​ "I really love this product. It’s actually our favourite! Especially the Chaser game, which is brilliant for birthday party groups. They love the competition, running around and climbing up to hit the lights. Even the youngest kids like the TrailBlazer too as parents help the small ones and it’s a nice joint activity for them to do together." Marcin – Director, Hangar 646 ____​​ "After we installed SelfieCam we were amazed how quickly the kids started using it, they understood how to use it as game to record their tricks but also how to share them over social media - they loved seeing themselves on the phones after the session." Simon – General Manager, iBounce

Health and Fitness

"Buying the Pro-X was the best decision we could have made…" Joe Racey – General Manager at Anytime Fitness _____ "We are having such a good time with it [the CardioWall] now, I don’t think we fully understood its potential." FS Andy Gillett – FS PED, Base Support Wing, RAF Benson _____ "The secret of the CardioWall is its versatility. Every Fitness First PT will find creative new ways of using it - and I know their clients will love it." Marc Edwards – HFE Training _____ "I can tell you that it has been very well received. Very, very well received. My staff were highly sceptical when I told them I was buying one, but they are all extremely impressed by it now.​" "The members love it, and it's bright and eye-catching. And when touring new members, it gives us a USP that we can use to help sign them up." Craig Parsons – Franchisee, Anytime Fitness Truro _____ "There’s always someone who doesn’t like the treadmill, or the rower, or the cross-trainer. But literally every single one of our members loves the CardioWall. I would choose it over a pair of treadmills without hesitation.​" "We’ve been able to use the CardioWall in a variety of ways – rehabilitation programmes, personal training sessions and everyday workouts. Everybody that’s used the CardioWall has enjoyed using it." "It’s so versatile; it ticks the boxes of all the different fitness components: If you want to improve your agility, balance, power, speed, hand-eye coordination, you name it - there are things that you can do on the CardioWall that will help you achieve those goals." "The CardioWall has given us a new way of talking to our existing members. It has improved the atmosphere in the gym, and it’s been great when touring new prospects." "Everybody who has used the CardioWall has enjoyed using it." Paul Smith – General Manager, Fowey Sports Hub _____ "Because the CardioWalls can be used for a multitude of exercises, they’re almost limitless! It’s something that caters for everyone, it’s a brilliant investment." "The CardioWalls have been among the most used pieces of apparatus in the functional fitness area of our gym. They’re popular with people of all ages and abilities – providing a motivating and accessible alternative to structured exercise machines. We’ve used them with everyone from our older members to school children, from people who just want to improve their fitness to people with disabilities or with specific health needs, such as cardiac rehabilitation." "Since we have introduced the CardioWalls we’ve seen our footfall increase by about 120% - so it’s been an amazing 12 months." "When decided to open up a functional area and we needed a focal point for it. The CardioWalls have given us variation and it’s given us areas to work with PTs and school groups." Neil Talbot – Fitness Manager, Plymouth YMCA _____ "My clients love the CardioWall because as well as giving a serious workout, it’s genuinely good fun. Whether they compete against themselves, a workout partner or the clock, it really gets them fired up!" Steve – Personal Trainer, Bristol

Elite Sport

"I’ve won twice around Monte Carlo but I still can’t beat that!" Mark Webber – Former Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Race Driver _____ "The flexibility of the use of the CardioWall is phenomenal. You’re able to present yourself to a system of exercise equipment that creates the opportunity for multi-functional use." "Using Chaser regularly has actually improved my effectiveness as a surgeon. I have seen a clear improvement in my accuracy with my left hand and my ability to use it in the periphery of my vision, during surgery." Mr Philip Heaton-Adegbile, FRCS, Ph.D. – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon _____ "For years I’ve been looking for an improved, more robust and updated version of the Batak Wall. Now I’ve found the CardioWall [Pro-X], I can stop looking. It’s perfect for our centre, where we help elite motor racing drivers and riders achieve peak physical fitness." Andy Blow – Director, Porsche Human Performance Centre, Silverstone _____ "With a history of martial arts I personally loved this product [CardioWall Pro-X], there's nothing better than really enjoying yourself while working out. I think Rugged Interactive have created something really special and would recommend trying out any of the products, but with caution as they are highly addictive!" Chloe Green – Martial Arts Practitioner _____ "The impact of the [CardioWall Landscape] was fantastic, the youth and senior players look forward to using it." Damian Irvine – Commercial Director at Notts County FC _____ "The CardioWall [Landscape] has been very useful for getting a more objective measure of reaction times of the players." Peter Jarvis – Head of Sport Psychology at Notts County FC _____ "Reaction speed in motor racing is very important so I used the CardioWall Pro-X at iZone over and over and over again, until I got to a point where I could do a score above 700 with my eyes closed. This thing made my race starts better than anyone else's on the grid because I could react to the lights on the track so quickly. It is good to have in the gym because other drivers get quite competitive and we have a leaderboard with all of the drivers. My goal is to get 1000 one day!" Jordan Albert – Performance coach at iZone Driver Performance _____ "The CardioWall Pro-X is a great addition to our gym as it offers so much flexibility and versatility to the training programs. The competitive element adds an extra dimension which motivates and pushes the drivers further." Kevin Hoyes – Gym Manager, iZone Driver Performance, Silverstone _____ "It's [CardioWall Pro-X] a really cool, great product - it really tests your peripheral vision and reactions." Rob Kamphues – Presenter, Ziggo TV _____ "iZone has made me feel much more confident. I really enjoyed the CardioWall as this is the only piece of equipment I have found that I can comfortably do cardio and feel a benefit. I really enjoyed all the visualization techniques and cannot wait to come back." Simon Khan – Injured Serviceman and KartForce Driver, iZone


"As a wheelchair athlete, I’ve been looking for something like the CardioWall for years! It’s brilliant for improving my general fitness and my hand-eye coordination, and at the same time it improves my core strength and balance – plus it’s brilliant fun. I just love it!" Martin Lane – Welsh Wheelchair Rugby International _____ "We received the CardioWall and it’s absolutely brilliant. Our open day was a great success and the CardioWall was certainly the star of the show." Zoe Aspinall – Service Coordinator at Essex Cares _____ "It’s [CardioWall Landscape] got friendships, it’s got independence, it’s got fun, it’s an activity. It’s the whole thing rolled into one. It’s probably the best piece of equipment we’ve bought in a long time!" Anita Cobb – Service Manager at Ernest Kleinwort Court _____ "The CardioWall has brought competition, enthusiasm, fun, games and laughter. It’s brought all the residents together." Millie Helsby – Activities Assistant at Ernest Kleinwort Court _____ "The CardioWall particularly lends itself to an ‘open play’ PE where the lessons are very much structured around what really gets the students’ attention. It develops their ability to think as well as giving them a really good physical workout. We find the CardioWalls to be highly accessible as both a learning and an exercise / fitness tool. The majority of our diverse ability groups can enjoy and benefit from using them, and the score capture facility enables us to measure their progress particularly easily." "For those less able, we want them to be working on the CardioWall to improve their mobility, flexibility and their reach. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment for their general health and fitness." "It works on repetition for our autism students - it’s something that captures their imagination." Karen Erikson – Director of Specialism at Arbour Vale Specialist Sports College _____ "I tell you what - this [CardioWall Portrait] beats doing a bike session!" Jonathan Adams – 2012 Paralympian _____ "Absolutely brilliant. I have a hip screw and can't bend down. I use the CardioWall with an autistic child. We play it together and both absolutely love it." Sarah – Roehampton College


​​ "The CardioWall installed on Endcliffe Ward (Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust) has already proved to be a HUGE hit with service users, and staff are enjoying it too!" Charlotte Williams – Senior Physiotherapist _____ "iZone has made me feel much more confident. I really enjoyed the CardioWall as this is the only piece of equipment I have found that I can comfortably do cardio and feel a benefit. I really enjoyed all the visualization techniques and cannot wait to come back." Simon Khan – Injured Serviceman and KartForce Driver, iZone _____ "It's fun, it's interactive and they don't see it as's a motivator and hidden assessment tool. " Julia Smith – Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Schools and Youth Activity

​​"The CardioWall Compact Duo has added a new dimension to PE at Fowey Primary. What makes the CardioWalls particularly effective is their accessibility – every child of every ability and age can enjoy using them. They are not only used during lessons but utilised by extra-curricular clubs including breakfast club. CardioWalls and Wake & Shake... a great way for children to be ready to learn at the start of the day!" ​​"For KS1, during PE lessons, children learn spatial awareness, increase their mobility and body awareness and improve their hand-eye coordination skills. CardioWalls help children hone these skills/objectives in a fun, interactive environment." Pippa Counter – Head of PE, Fowey Primary School _____ ​​"What a fantastic opportunity for our children to improve their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination." Chris Wilson – Headteacher, Blackwater Primary School _____ ​​"Teachers often need to identify movement breaks, rewards and incentives for children and the CardioWalls provide both very well. Teachers also plan the CardioWalls in to their gym activities as a component of units of PE work on fitness. One advantage over some existing PE activities is that the CardioWalls can be used independently. They require no teamwork, which suits some children. I should add though; the CardioWalls are also very effective for encouraging teamwork." ​​"The CardioWalls give you a score every time you play on them. So, [pupils] are developing the idea that; if I work hard, if I try hard and I keep practicing, I will actually get better at something." ​​"The probable attraction here is that the CardioWalls don’t immediately make you think of exercise; they look like fun so appeal to everyone."
​​"We use them in lessons, at playtime and for special needs support as well – so there’s lots of applications." ​​"What you expect to be the benefit [of the CardioWall] is one thing, but then there’s lots of other things that come out of it as well. So, we are really, really pleased we’ve got them!" Jeremy Waldon – Headteacher, Roche Primary School _____ ​​"The TrailBlazer Traverse climbing wall has certainly had a profound impact on Simonside climbing wall’s attendance." Alex D'Ambrosie – Service Manager, Simonside Outdoor Adventure _____ ​​"It’s amazing – kids of all ages seem to pick it up in no time, without any instruction. And what’s great is they can play the CardioWall with a friend, a parent or just on their own. It’s proper exercise but they don’t realise it!" Kate – Play Centre Manager, Bristol

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