Rugged Interactive | TrailBlazer

Rugged Interactive


Interactive climbing for your trampoline park or indoor adventure centre.



Product Details


The TrailBlazer is eye-catching with a high-tech feel. It is tough yet affordable – much less expensive than other interactive climbing walls on the market. It is both physically and mentally stimulating, engaging children for longer than a traditional climbing wall. Strong health and fitness credentials can be promoted, including: agility, coordination, mental alertness, decision making and teamwork.

Versatile Feature Piece

TrailBlazer is the stand out feature for your trampoline park. Players climb along or around the wall, scoring points by pressing the easy to hold grips as they light up.

Positioned above a foam-pit or matting, the TrailBlazer can be used by up to 4 players at one time. Our easy to hold grips and comfortable foot-holes for trampoline socks make it the perfect climbing challenge for ages 5 to adult. Flashing lights, timer and scores keep marshalling to a minimum and excitement at a maximum. 


Socially Engaging

Can be played individually or in groups. TrailBlazer helps to develop social skills by developing group play and communication.


Accessible & Inclusive

Users of any age and ability enjoy and benefit from using the TrailBlazer. One-touch starts, clearly spoken instructions and simple yet stimulating game programs ensure the TrailBlazer is easy to use. Highly effective for users with autistic spectrum conditions.

Distinctive & High Tech

Visually striking, the TrailBlazer is a dramatic and eye-catching feature that will become a focal point in any environment. The huge graphic area can be personalised to endorse your organisation's identity or corporate style.

Multi-coloured light-up hand grips, digital scoreboard and audio commands engages your customers with 21st century technology. Ensuring they climb for longer and keep returning for more!