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Engaging, competitive and fun interactive gameplay to add a new dimension to your trampoline centre.

An exciting new challenge.

Guaranteed to create a buzz and make your trampoline centre stand out.



Speed and reaction CardioWalls, at height. Add instant competition to your trampoline park!



Add a new dimension to your trampoline park. Choose the formation, add the fun!



A trampoline challenge like no other. Jump up, up, up and take on your friends to reach the top!

Traverse & HEX


An interactive climbing wall - ideal for trampoline parks and indoor adventure centres.



An interactive target system with tactics, points and passes. It's dodgeball like you've never seen before.



Give your customers an exciting new challenge! A two-player racing track tailored to your play or trampoline centre.




An interactive target

challenge to transform new

or existing Walk-the-Wall installations.



A boomerang video system to help you market your park on social media.

"I tried out the new SkyPod track at Oxygen in Leeds - it is fantastic! And really hard work.”



Managing Director at Continental Sports Ltd

Trampoline Parks
Motivation tailored to you...

Rugged Interactive is a member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks.

Our Freestyle Duo, SkyPods, High-9DodgeAttack and TriggerTrac products are all about making trampolines even more fun! Trampolining has many benefits, but introducing interactive technology can enhance the players overall experience, giving your customers a strong incentive to come back time after time.

By using the tried and tested but newly enhanced CardioWall software Rugged’s products are compelling and exciting, letting each player compete singly or against each other to build a huge score and bragging rights.


Kids will want to stay and beat their friends, adults won’t want to let their children win. As an added but important bonus - our research proves that RI products improve balance, coordination, flexibility and strength! Exciting, real fun and new - drop us a line and find out why we’re taking the trampoline sector by storm.​

CardioWall FreeStyle at Mega Jump
CardioWall FreeStyle at Mega Jump
CardioWall FreeStyle at Mega Jump
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Interactive CardioWall FreeStyle, SkyPods, High-9 or DodgeAttack are positioned just out of a player’s reach, challenging and motivating players to jump higher, faster and for longer than they thought possible. Games can be started straight from the pods, or by using remote activation buttons to launch multi-player challenges. Players hit lights on the reaction boards to score points individually or for 1-on-1 duals. Whatever age, whatever your bouncing ability, give the CardioWall challenge a go!

By incorporating CardioWall FreeStyle, SkyPods, High-9 or DodgeAttack into trampolining sessions, players can improve their coordination and motor skills whilst improving their overall fitness. The rebounding movements as you jump increase muscular and bone strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Including these games into trampoline parks are a great way of testing players’ reaction speed and jumping accuracy alongside aiding the development of motor and social skills.


Trampolining with CardioWall FreeStyle, SkyPods, High-9 or DodgeAttack are an effective and efficient alternative exercise activity that encourages competition and the motivation to jump higher and faster for longer. For fun or fitness, bounce your way to a top score and challenge your family and friends to a dual.


Competitive bouncing at its best!



Benefits of trampolining with CardioWall FreeStyle, SkyPods, High-9 or DodgeAttack include increases in:


  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Circulation

  • Balance and coordination

  • Bone strength

  • Energy expenditure

  • Flexibility

  • Jump height and accuracy

  • Muscular strength

  • Reaction speed

  • Accuracy




Trampoline Parks

Case Studies


Simon Heap on Trampoline Parks

Founder of Rugged Interactive discusses their innovative trampoline park technology.

Engaging, competitive and fun interactive gameplay to add a new dimension to your trampoline park. Guaranteed to create a buzz and make your trampoline centre stand out.

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Simonside Outdoor Adventure

"Bringing the 21st century into the sport of rock climbing."

Martin Simpson, Head of Centre at Simonside Outdoor Adventure introduces their TrailBlazer Traverse climbing wall and explains how it has benefitted their users.

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