Rugged Interactive


A raceway timer for Ninja runs and
obstacle courses.



Product Details


TriggerTrac is designed to work with an obstacle course / Ninja Run. With exciting and compelling sound effects, our bulletproof light pods and super accurate timing TriggerTrac is already a valuable addition to existing or new installations.


Included in the bundle is one 'start' button, two ‘finish’ sensors, a PCB hub in a display box with graphics on it showing ‘Winner’ and ‘2nd’ (this can have basic branding); some LED strips and CAT5 cabling to connect the pods.  The distributor installs the product with a ‘finish’ of their own choosing (e.g. the start and finish pods may be on a wall, on a post or somewhere else.)  They may also need to provide additional cable length to suit their location.


The game is simple -  the starter hits the start button and both contestants hit their ‘finish’ pods when they reach the end. The display box on the wall shows the player time so that they can be recorded on a Top Gear style leaderboard for posterity.



TriggerTrac is designed to be robust and offer trouble-free operation. Bullet-proof LED pods, indestructible bodyshell, 12-month warranty on all electronics, and easy swap-out lightpods, with extended warranty options also available.


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