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Turn Walk-the-Wall into a Wonder-Wall





Product Details

An interactive target challenge to transform Walk-the-Wall installations. Eye-catching and compelling to play, WallRider develops players’ skills, speed and stamina.

Dramatic and Eye-catching

Turn WallRider into a major attraction with creative backing graphics and add a dose of tech to your park.


Suitable for All

Three different game programs to delight advanced players and beginners alike.

Fuels your Marketing

Post challenges and competition scores on social media to create a buzz.

Skills Development Challenge

Everyone loves to learn a new skill, and WallRider is a great way of introducing Walk-the-Wall to new users, or for regular users to improve their skills.

Easy to Install or Retrofit

WallRider can be easily retrofitted into any existing Walk-the-Wall area.


The targets are robust, bulletproof and backed up by a 12-month full service warranty.


“When I first saw WallRider I was a bit sceptical, our walk the wall is already popular and I didn’t see how it could be improved.

But as soon as we were able to use it people got competitive and started to use the wall in a new way. And they love it! Plus we can use WallRider for instruction with new users. Basically, it’s really cool and it’s given that area a whole new lease of life”



Manager, SuperTramp, Plymouth UK



World’s First. Feet First!

  • 8 colourful, bullet-proof interactive target pads

  • Built-in volume controlled sound effects

  • Bright and durable LED indicators

  • Robust and colourful large scoreboard / time / sound unit

  • Simple set-up and installation

  • Single Power Supply: AC: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 13A


Easy and quick to install on any wooden wall with a cavity behind it.

“As we already had a Walk-the-Wall installation I was concerned that any retro-fit didn’t impact safety for our customers, but the sensors sit flush with the wall and it was installed and working within half a day, so it didn’t impact our trading”

- Nathan Stanley

Manager, SuperTramp, Plymouth UK

The Program

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

  • Beginner encourages the learner user to build up gradually on a single wall and be accurate with height and foot placement.

  • Intermediate takes the skills a step further by taking the action to all (2 or 3) adjacent walls and leading the player higher and faster.

  • Advanced ups the action even further by guiding the player to individual target pads for a truly extensive (and truly testing) game.




General Fitness

Inclusive stamina, speed, mobility, balance, strength and peripheral vision.

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Cognitive Challenge

Motivates the mind as well as the body through a range of unique programs; improving mental alertness.

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Easy to Use

One touch 'QuickStart' programs for fast play.

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Customisable Graphics

The graphic area can be personalised to endorse your brand, company, team or environment.

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Space Efficient

Fits perfectly into Walk-the-Wall installations.

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Competitive Spirit

Challenge yourself or others to beat your top score. Motivates you to try harder, pushing yourself that little bit further.

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